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Welcome to Software Consulting and Accounting Systems, Inc.

                                   Who Are We? - in the process of being updated!

Established in 1984 with the aim of serving the needs of the business community, 
Software Consulting and Accounting Systems, Inc. became a RealWorld dealer committed to supplying quality support, service and training on all aspects of the RealWorld product line.  Our staff of programmers, consultants, and trainers back up our sales people with after sales service.

Located in Torrance, near the crossover of the San Diego and Harbor freeways, we are 
ideally situated to support customers throughout the Los Angeles area and neighboring communities.

We are a Preferred RealWorld source code dealer, and as such, our in-house 
programmers regularly modify  the computer software to meet the specific requirements 
of our customers.  We support and service all versions of the RealWorld Accounting and Business Packages in both single user and multiuser enviroments, on Microsoft NT, 
SCO Unix, Novell Netware, and Standard DOS/Windows operating systems.

We are the RealWorld Authorized Training Center for Los Angeles and Orange County areas and are dedicated to supplying quality training to all users of the RealWorld Accounting packages. Our staff includes specially trained Authorized RealWorld Consultants who conduct training sessions in our computerized hands-on classroom.

We proudly work with members of the "Big 6" accounting firms assisting them with the 
needs of their customers.  Our customers include, from the small business owner, through the medium and larger size companies, to the "Fortune 500" businesses and government facilities.  Our client list includes wholesale distributors, retail stores, entertainment businesses, construction firms, manufacturers and professional service companies.

In addition to the standard RealWorld Accounting and Business Packages, we offer a vast array of specialized and custom applications including, but not limited to, bar code labels and hand held bar code scanning devices for inventory tracking and disposition, Electronic Data Interchange applications for transmission of your clients orders to you that speed up processing, and packages that link to electronic time clocks for tracking employee hours hours and speeding up Payroll data capture.

We have established ourselves as a supplier of quality computers and computer products and thus, we can offer turn-key solutions that include both the hardware and the software for any size business.

We are dedicated to selling, servicing and supporting quality products to quality customers. We are always available for consultations and demonstrations.  If we may be of service to you in any of the above areas or you need a  customized solution to your  specific needs, please call us at your earliest convenience to set up an appointment.


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