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SCAS Demonstration of RealWorld Classic

This is a live self demo of the RealWorld Classic Accounting software version 8.5.

Once the window has opened, you will automatically be logged into the system and will be able to navigate around the software using your keyboard and your arrow keys

Log into company 00, then enter your initials.

To exit from any screen or from the system, use the TAB key.  (Also use the TAB key whenever the software asks for the ESC key)

Press F8 at any time for Help on using the applications.
Press F9 in any field in a screen for a lookup window.

Use the Button below to close/open the Telnet Window and connect to the demo computer.

Your Browser seems to have no Java support. Please get a new browser or enable Java to see this applet!


Java Telnet Application thanks to  Matthias L. Jugel and Marcus Meißne from

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